Infectious respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 are serious and global concerns from the past to the present. To isolate the spread of infectious diseases even in the absence of a health system, a simple, inexpensive, reliable, sensitive, and selective molecular diagnosis platform for Point of Care Test (POCT) is required. Especially, the nucleic acid extraction step is difficult to perform out of laboratory. Here, we propose a paper-based lysis (PBL) strip for nucleic acid extraction, especially in low-resource settings (LRS). PBL strips are suitable for isolating RNA from viruses with biological interference and inhibitors. We optimized the buffer compositions and membranes of the strip. A simple preparation method using a PBL strip could obtain an eluent for downstream inspection within 20 minutes. Overall, 104 copies/swaps were detected for 20 minutes for amplification in combination with Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Amplification (RT-LAMP).

Fuente: Analytical Biochemistry
Available online 6 January 2023, 115037