Coronavirus causes significant damage to human health and the global economy. In this paper, we undertake patent analysis and data mining to systematically analyze the trend in patent applications for coronavirus detection, prevention, and treatment technologies. Our goals are to determine the correlation between typical coronavirus outbreaks and changes in patent technology applications, and to compare the research and development (R&D) progress, patent layout, and characteristics of major institutions in various countries experiencing coronavirus outbreaks. We find that the United States commenced coronavirus detection and vaccine technology R&D earlier than other countries, as it attached importance to the R&D for treatment technologies from the time of the SARS outbreak and initiated the trend of multi-party R&D, with full technology chain coverage by the government, enterprises, universities, and research institutions. China’s patent applications have grown rapidly in recent years, mainly based on the R&D of research institutions and universities, although it has formed full technology chain coverage. However, the patent quality and technology global layout still need to be improved. This paper reviews the patent development trends of important coronavirus technologies, and proposes that policymakers should establish a long-term mechanism for R&D, pay attention to intellectual property protection, and deepen international technical cooperation to provide a reference for the development and application of coronavirus detection technology, vaccine technology, and treatment technology.

Fuente: Journal of Biosafety and Biosecurity
Available online 3 November 2021