Since the emergence of the disease caused by the severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – COVID-19 – in late December 2019, a vast number of publications on the subject appeared in peer-reviewed journals and preprints. Despite the significant amount of available information, infectious disease physicians are requested to solve questions from colleagues, patients, and relatives on a daily basis. Here, we aim to describe the evidence supporting the answers for frequently asked questions, based on a literature review. We created a web-based questionnaire which was distributed to a group of 70 infectious disease specialists and medical residents, asking what questions and issues they most frequently faced. The 10 most frequent questions guided the topics for a narrative review. We provide evidence and consensus-based information on subjects such as infection and transmission, isolation, management of COVID-19 confirmed cases, reinfection, clinical-therapeutic management, vaccination, and antibodies post-infection/vaccination. Correctly clarifying doubts and providing clear information to physicians, patients, and family members helps to better manage COVID-19 in the community and the hospital settings.

Fuente: The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
Available online 8 November 2021, 101648