Corona virus disease also acknowledged as COVID-19 outbreak, a worldwide pandemic is one of the most acute and severe viruses in recent time. The rate of COVID cases rise rapidly around the world. Although vaccines have been developed, deep learning (DL) techniques shown as a useful method for clinical diagnosis and other fields. Deep structured learning also known as Deep learning is method based on artificial neural network with interpretation learning. This paper aims to do a comparative analysis on medical images like computer tomography scans (CT scan) and X-ray by means of different deep learning systems. This analysis discusses about structures developed for COVID-19 analysis via deep learning performances on Inception, VGG, Xception, Resnet models and provide insights and on data sets to train these neural networks. A comparative analysis is done for considering the better deep learning model for detection. The main aim of this paper is to ease medical experts and help them to understand the ways of deep learning techniques and how they can be prospective used to combat COVID- 19.

Fuente: Global Transitions Proceedings