COVID-19-related in-hospital mortality has been reported at 30.7–47.3% in Brazil, however studies assessing exclusively private hospitals are lacking. This is important because of significant differences existing between the Brazilian private and public healthcare systems. We aimed to determine the COVID-19-related in-hospital mortality and associated risk factors in a Brazilian private network from March/2020 to March/2021. Data were extracted from institutional database and analyzed using Cox regression model. Length of hospitalization and death-related factors were modeled based on available independent variables. In total, 38,937 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized of whom 3058 (7.8%) died. Admission to the intensive care unit occurred in 62.5% of cases, and 11.5% and 3.8% required mechanical ventilation (MV) and renal replacement therapy (RRT), respectively. In the adjusted model, age ≥ 61 years-old, comorbidities, and the need for MV and/or RRT were significantly associated with increased mortality (p < 0.05). Obesity and hypertension were associated with the need for MV and RRT (p < 0.05).

Fuente: Scientific Reports