The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people and posed an unprecedented burden on healthcare systems and economies worldwide since the outbreak of the COVID-19. A considerable number of nations have investigated COVID-19 and proposed a series of prevention and treatment strategies thus far. The pandemic prevention strategies implemented in China have suggested that the spread of COVID-19 can be effectively reduced by restricting large-scale gathering, developing community-scale nucleic acid testing, and conducting epidemiological investigations, whereas sporadic cases have always been identified in numerous places. Currently, there is still no decisive therapy for COVID-19 or related complications. The development of COVID-19 vaccines has raised the hope for mitigating this pandemic based on the intercross immunity induced by COVID-19. Thus far, several types of COVID-19 vaccines have been developed and released to into financial markets. From the perspective of vaccine use in globe, COVID-19 vaccines are beneficial to mitigate the pandemic, whereas the relative adverse events have been reported progressively. This is a review about the development, challenges and prospects of COVID-19 vaccines, and it can provide more insights into all aspects of the vaccines.

Fuente: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
Volume 158, February 2023, 114208