Graphene’s potential as material for wearable, highly sensitive and robust sensor in various fields of technology has been widely investigated until now in order to capitalize on its unique intrinsic physical and chemical properties. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, it has been noticed that there are various potentials roles that can be fulfilled by graphene-based temperature, humidity and strain sensor, whose roles has not been widely explored to date. This paper takes the liberty to mainly highlight the progress layout and characterization technique for graphene-based sensor while including a brief discussion on the possible strategy of sensing data analysis that can be employed to minimize and prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection within a living community. While majority of the reported sensor is still in the in-progress status, its highlighted role in this work may provide a brief idea on how the ongoing research in graphene-based sensor may lead to the future implementation of the device for routine healthcare check-up and diagnostic point-care during and post-pandemic era. On the other hand, the sensitivity and response time data against working temperature, humidity and strain range that are provided could serve as a reference for benchmarking purpose, which certainly would help enthusiast in the development of a graphene-based sensor with a better performance for the future.

Fuente: Sensors International
Available online 23 May 2022, 100183