It is frequently discussed in the literature that the correlation between low-correlation assets under ordinary market conditions may increase during crisis periods. To contribute to the ongoing debates, this paper empirically examines risk transmission between oil and precious metal markets induced by the COVID-19 pandemic using the DCC-GARCH model. The findings reveal evidence of a significant risk transmission between oil prices and precious metal prices, particularly during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings point out that the negative relationship between oil and all precious metals returns in the pre-COVID-19 period has changed with the effect of the pandemic. In this process, it is revealed that the negative relationship between oil and gold has strengthened, but the negative relationship between oil and silver has weakened. In addition, the correlations between oil and platinum and palladium turn positive. The empirical findings imply that investors and portfolio managers seeking portfolio diversification and hedging opportunities in a high-risk environment such as the COVID-19 pandemic should consider gold and silver assets for investment.

Fuente: Resources Policy