Objective: To comparatively evaluate ICU requirement, length of stay and mortality between single dose vaccinated and non-vaccinated hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Design: Retrospective, observational study from 1st April 2021 till 30th June 2021 carried out in a tertiary care hospital in Western Indian region. Results: Of the 569 patients enrolled in the study based on the eligibility criteria, 137 (24.08%) patients had received a single dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine while 432 (75.92%) patients had not received any form of vaccination. Overall length of stay in the hospital was similar for both groups however a significant difference was seen in length of stay in ward and ICU. Vaccinated patients were admitted for 6.21 ± 3.204 days in the ward while non-vaccinated patients were admitted for 5.56 ± 4.55 days (p<0.001). ICU stay of the 21 vaccinated patients was a mean length of 4.47 ± 2.3 days while for the 145 non-vaccinated patients was 6.29 ± 2.19 days (p<0.001). Mortality was observed in 4 patients in the vaccinated group and 95 patients in the non-vaccinated group.

Fuente: International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Available online 21 October 2021