Recent developments in sequencing technologies, the computer and data sciences, as well as increasingly high-throughput immunological measurements have made it possible to derive holistic views on pathophysiological processes of disease and treatment effects directly in humans. We and others have illustrated that incredibly predictive data for immune cell function can be generated by single cell multi-omics (SCMO) technologies and that these technologies are perfectly suited to dissect pathophysiological processes in a new disease such as COVID-19, triggered by SARS-CoV-2 infection. Systems level interrogation not only revealed the different disease endotypes, highlighted the differential dynamics in context of disease severity, and pointed towards global immune deviation across the different arms of the immune system, but was already instrumental to better define long COVID phenotypes, suggest promising biomarkers for disease and therapy outcome predictions and explains treatment responses for the widely used corticosteroids. As we identified SCMO to be the most informative technologies in the vest to better understand COVID-19, we propose to routinely include such single cell level analysis in all future clinical trials and cohorts addressing diseases with an immunological component.

Fuente: Seminars in Immunology
Available online 22 May 2023