Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has become a global concern and requires early detection, isolation, and treatment. Our purpose is to find some beneficial information by analyzing the COVID-19 laboratory data to provide guidance for clinical practice.

Material and Methods

In this study, 174 patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection were admitted. We evaluated the hematological and biochemical parameters in these patients and in 80 healthy individuals.


We found that there was significant difference between WBC, LYM, RBC, HB, and HCT parameters of patients and healthy counterparts (p < .001), though there was no remarkable change between NEU, MONO, PLT, and other characteristics of RBC values of patients and the control group (p ≥ .09). Among the evaluated biochemical parameters, the values of CK-MB and LDH in the patient group were significantly different from the control group (p < .01), while other biochemical indicators were in the normal range.


Several hematological and biochemistry parameters, in particular WBC, LYM, RBC, HB, HCT, CK-MB, and LDH, could be beneficial supplementary approach for COVID-19 infection evaluation to confirm risk stratification and effective management.


First published: 17 October 2022