Objective: To identify the driving and inhibiting factors and to find a prototype of community involvement in the COVID-19 vaccine. Method: Data sources from PubMed database, Google Scholar, Web of Science, and ProQuest. The data were obtained based on searches using the keyword COVID-19 (n = 11,.599), focusing on community acceptance (n = 813), community involvement (n = 86), and types of articles (n = 46). Articles that meet the inclusion criteria are seven, and the data were analyzed with ATLAS Ti.9 software. Results: Engagement and driving factors have the highest correlation (0.38). The drivers, perceptions of vulnerability, and inhibiting factors determine community involvement. The perception of exposure can be a supporting or inhibiting factor influenced by information reinforcement. Conclusions: Strengthening positive information can alter the sense of community vulnerability, making it a driving force for participation in the COVID-19 vaccine campaign. This finding is an appropriate strategy to expand the reach and resolve public doubts about accepting the vaccine.

Fuente: Gaceta Sanitaria
Available online 11 October 2022, 102265
In Press, Journal Pre-proof