The COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has led to a surge in the demand for healthcare devices, pre-cautions, or medicines along with advanced information technology. It has become a global mission to control the Coronavirus to prevent the death of innocent people. The fourth industrial revolution (I4.0) is a new approach to thinking that is proposed across a wide range of industries and services to achieve greater success and quality of life. Several initiatives associated with industry 4.0 are expected to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Implementing I4.0 components effectively could lead to a reduction in barriers between patients and healthcare workers and could result in improved communication between them. The present study aims to review the components of I4.0 and related tools used to combat the Coronavirus. This article highlights the benefits of each component of the I4.0, which is useful in controlling the spread of COVID-19. From the present study, it is stated that I4.0 technologies could provide an effective solution to deal with local as well as global medical crises in an innovative way.

Fuente: Annals of Medicine and Surgery
Available online 20 May 2022, 103811